Maple Production - A Labor of Love

It's hard work, but with sweet rewards. Today the production of maple syrup and other products has changed significantly since the Indians in this region discovered the sweet liquid in the 1600's. Although new innovations and techniques have made maple production more efficient, it continues to be a very laborious industry.

Somerset County produces more maple products than any other county in the state. Thanks to the abundance of sugar maples and the regions seasonal temperatures, maple production in Somerset County continues to thrive.

Somerset County's climate and environment may be ideal for maple production. However, these same factors can make the working conditions difficult. Cold, late winter snows, fluctuating temperatures, too much rain, too little rain, and a short tapping season can wreck havoc on producers from year to year.

After the sap is collected and evaporated into its desired form, local producers sell their sugary delights both locally and nationally. Much of the yearly products are purchased by large, commercial syrup manufactures who change the syrup's consistency to match that of their own product.

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